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TPACK & SAMR Resources (technology integration frameworks)



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These questions may help you think through a TPACK unit…

Content What content will you include in your unit?
Pedagogy What will the pedagogy and instructional style be?
Technology What technologies and technology tools will be included?
Content/Technology How will technology support the content?
Pedagogy/Technology How will technology enhance the pedagogy?
Content/Pedagogy How will the synergy be between content and pedagogy?
Technology/Content/ Pedagogy How will all three combine to produce a rich engaging learning experience?


Background and exemplars

The SAMR model created by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura

A very basic example:

R:  Redefinition – Online performance shared with a global audience; feedback requested

M:  Modification – Performance shared online or with other schools

A:  Augmentation – Performance that a small group does in front of a different class within your school.

S:  Substitution – Performance that a small group does in front of your class.


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