Archive of #ATchat 5/8/13

Archive of #ATchat 5/8/13

Topic: AT Appy Hour! Sharing favorite apps, with links and why, as well as who will benefit. Great AT resources shared.

  1. tonight’s topic is AT Appy Hour! Share favorite apps, with links, and why you like it or who can benefit from it. 9:00ET, 6:00PT


  2. Welcome to tonight’s chat. Let’s have fun during AT Appy Hour – share your favorite apps – link, why you like it and who can benefit #atchat
  3. @bwwojci great we can both be here tonight – sometimes life works out for us #atchat
  4. #ATChat Good evening, Brian & Karen checking in for a few minutes, have a couple of apps to share.
  5. Hi, Jodi, an Early Childhood Special Education teacher from MN. #atchat
  6. I’m doing well – have had some great days as an AT activist. love advocating for students. #atchat
  7. MyScript Notes – handwriting recognition; kinesthetic feedback text conversion for TTS auditory feedback #ATchat
  8. @ATKSMan who do you think can benefit from MyScript Notes? #atchat
  9. I’m a reading specialist in MA and I have just discovered Record of Reading app to take running records #atchat
  10. I am ready to start bookmarking, looking forward to the resources.
  11. love that you can save an audio recording of the reading as well as your marks and annotations #atchat
  12. @dinamoati welcome – do you have any favorite AT apps you want to share? #atchat
  13. @2read4life How are you using it? What kind of running records does it support? #atchat
  14. @KarenJan @bwwojci Good evening! I develop apps for #SLPeeps & #SpEd & write on apps for adult learning #atchat
  15. highly recommend screencasting apps – so many times repetition and review are written into IEPs, screencasting works! #atchat
  16. @ATKSMan I love this app…same folks made MyScript Calculator #atchat
  17. any time a student has to read aloud and you need to record their reading for accuracy, types of errors, etc
  18. #atChat I am a Brandeis student doing my Masters of Arts in Teaching. Can someone clarify what TTS stands for?
  19. Hi Everyone. Sorry I’m late. Literacy specialist from NH. Giving a presentation on AT soon and looking for easy to use, free tech. #Atchat
  20. Does anyone know of a good app for screencasting apps on the iPad (not recording on computer)? #atchat
  21. @adler_jenna text to speech – reads to student, often with highlighted words as it reads. it’s built into iOS 6 on the iPad #atchat
  22. @adaptechcf I like Explain Everything, younger kids can use Draw and Tell by Duck Duck Moose. #atchat
  23. @2read4life ShowMe and Educreations are free – recent update with Educreations makes it even better. Explain Everything -great $2.99 #atchat
  24. For my younger kids the screencasting apps, Draw and Tell and Doodlecast kids work well. #atchat
  25. @adaptechcf Record of Reading works even better if you have a good stylus I use the Adonit Pro #atchat
  26. am using the app “Forgetful” for an adult student who cannot read to help with reminders. video and audio reminders #atchat
  27. @KarenJan Can it read any text on the ipad or only certain things? Does it read email, internet pages, etc.? #ATchat
  28. @adaptechcf Do you have the link for that app? I’d love to check it out! #atchat
  29. @Teach_Levinson can read anything you can select – works great. need to set it up in settings. by default it’s turned off. #atchat
  30. Feltboard, sticker, stamp, apps allow kids who struggle with fine motor to create alongside their classmates
  31. #ATChat Dyscalculator – numerals & text, TTS, converts equations to bar graphs, “round” button #dyscalculia
  32. @KarenJan Cool. Can it be voice activated/controlled or does it need to be activated visually (after it is set up)? #ATchat
  33. @katonley we set daily reminders for taking the bus, taking his break at work, if meeting friends at the mall #atchat
  34. @Teach_Levinson Some videos on Speak Selection in the iOS – #atchat
  35. #atchat just checked out dyscalculator, it’s very neat
  36. #atchat try 30hands to add audio to pictures. Group pix together to create video clip. Free. Using for social stories
  37. I know we used to have Display Recorder for screen recording…is there another app that functions similar to this? #atchat
  38. STudents with Executive Functions issues seem to like Notability and iStudiez Pro #atchat
  39. Lots of app reviews and #AT ideas on written by 2 #SLPeeps #ATChat – past reviews include MyScript & Dyscalculator
  40. I have been playing with Aurasma – Augmented Reality – add cues to environmental objects #atchat
  41. @TRTAmyBP Do any of those allow for recording the screen in another app? #atchat
  42. @bwwojci use Aurasma to hover over vocab pics & see video of how to sign the word.
  43. Our favorite beginning AAC app for young children, My First AAC,
  44. @jodialtringer Also use Aurasma to overlay visual tasks based on particular environmental cues (e.g., a sink to wash hands) #atchat
  45. a phonics app I like for my ELL’s is phonics studio very nice clear photos accompany words #atchat
  46. @bwwojci also use in writing center, hover over numeral and see video of how to write the number, many applications! #atchat
  47. Panther Math Paper works well for students with graphomotor issues that make math calculations difficult #atchat
  48. @2read4life Is this something a classroom teacher could easily integrate into a lesson? #atchat
  49. Shameless plug – @SETSIG App Smackdown recording with a few awesome presenters! #atchat
  50. #atchat best presentation app. Slideshark. Free. Shows presenter notes on ur device while projecting full slide image.
  51. Like finding apps that aren’t AT app but serve a purpose like Light Pad HD, serves as a decent light box,
  52. iAdvocate by Syracuse University – gives advocacy tips & strategies for parents of LD students #ATchat
  53. @katonley have only used it in small groups or individually but if everyone was learning the same sound or blend, it could work #atchat
  54. @2read4life I like the flexibility. It might be a solid differentiation tool as well.
  55. check out Bitsboard – amazing free app with so many options. #atchat
  56. @bwwojci I have used it that way. Also love with update I can now draw on slides to highlight important facts. #atchat
  57. @2read4life @ATKSMan Agree as well. Anything that helps parents partner effectively with educators is a good thing.
  58. What are some good ways people have discovered to find new apps? #atchat
  59. @ATKSMan this is a great one to share with families. Thx! #atchat
  60. Teach many kids from all over the world NatGeographic world atlas lets them find their homes and put a pin in #atchat
  61. #atchat looking to compare apps for aba data collection, t & s recorders. Recs?
  62. @bwwojci I find a lot of app ideas on Twitter and through collaboration with Teachers #atchat
  63. @bwwojci doing this type app sharing is my favorite way to learn about new apps. #atchat
  64. @bwwojci #atchat is a great place to learn and following people on twitter too #atchat
  65. @lisagoldthwaite what specifically – aba wise – are you looking to collect? #atchat
  66. @bwwojci App Smackdowns, Appy Hours, and Twitter – best ways to find new apps quickly and in volume! #ATchat
  67. and a huge shout out to Karen If you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, drop everything and go! #atchat
  68. I do like some of the different sites that rate and curate apps – Bridging Apps, for example #atchat
  69. @bwwojci App Smackdowns at EdCamps are a great way to learn. They often post the list link on Twitter #atchat
  70. #atchat iReadWrite from @texthelpus is one of the best apps to come out to assist struggling writers. Feature rich. Easy to use
  71. @TRTAmyBP Depends on how they are deployed – Apple Configurator or Meraki are my two favorites #atchat
  72. @MAKtechsolution is this the paid app? Does it offer many more features than the free read&write extension on Chrome? #atchat
  73. @bwwojci Thanks, will look into them. We are just beginning the process of iPad deployment. #atchat
  74. @MAKtechsolution thanks for that share. Just checked it out. Very cool! #atchat
  75. @MAKtechsolution iReadWrite is great. a good word prediction app is iWordQ. #atchat
  76. @KarenJan LOVE WordQ app….it has changed the way my son writes! #atchat
  77. @TRTAmyBP Some resources on precon wiki from ATIA I did with @dehohulin on iPad and App management – #atchat
  78. Another favorite is Book Creator – combined with Explain Everything – I think it’s a good way to modify curriculum #atchat
  79. @KarenJan @MAKtechsolution I love iWordQ, but am also exploring Spell Better. Has anyone used it? #atchat
  80. @KarenJan I loved your demonstration of Book Creator/Explain Everything on the @setsig App Smackdown #atchat
  81. saw a demo of Clicker Sentences – it looks great for students who need structured writing support and cognitive support. Love it! #atchat
  82. @KarenJan – surprised you have not mentioned Voice Dream Reader yet #atchat
  83. @bwwojci so much potential for content modification with Explain Everything and Book Creator – then open in iBooks. #atchat
  84. FYI…Clicker Sentences –… #atchat
  85. @bwwojci i know. i held off – I’m a VoiceDream zealot! LOVE that app and so do the students with whom I work #atchat
  86. @TactusTherapy @KarenJan @MAKtechsolution How does iWordQ compare to Clicker6, Abilipad or AppWriter for word prediction? #atchat
  87. I like to use SimplTransfer to transfer videos and photos from/to my computer. Does anyone else like a different photo transfer app? #atchat
  88. @AnnieWSims Good question…I am not sure anyone has done a good analysis of this yet #atchat
  89. @AnnieWSims Good question…I am not sure anyone has done a good analysis of this yet #atchat
  90. Inspiration Maps – my favorite #assistivetech app – costly, but extremely useful for visual learners #ATchat
  91. Inspiration Maps – my favorite #assistivetech app – costly, but extremely useful for visual learners #ATchat
  92. @bwwojci @anniewsims I agree Brian. Not enough data to say for sure. iWordQ seems to have a solid prediction dictionary. #atchat
  93. @bwwojci @anniewsims I agree Brian. Not enough data to say for sure. iWordQ seems to have a solid prediction dictionary. #atchat
  94. @AnnieWSims @bwwojci – I’ve done some comparisons anecdotally and found iWordQ was best for phonetic spellings #atchat
  95. @ATKSMan Love that app myself as I like to learn and explain things visually #atchat
  96. #atchat @bwwojci I have been curious if any of these apps compare to CoWriter or the more sophisticated word prediction programs.
  97. @mmatp Agreed. I see another sets of comparison workshops coming out at the AT conferences… #atchat
  98. @KarenJan @bwwojci #atchat This is good to know. I will have to look more closely at iWordQ
  99. @MAKtechsolution @bwwojci-developer of VoiceDream dropped into EdCampAccess AND’s his story #atchat
  100. @AnnieWSims still waiting for Don Johnston to create a Co:Writer app. it’s the best word prediction in my experience. #atchat
  101. @mmatp @bwwojci #atchat That would be pretty cool! Do you know if Don Johnston is thinking about developing any apps?
  102. @mmatp I am sure it will not be far off…seems like many AT industry folks are trying to make things work in a mobile tablet world #atchat
  103. My visual learners like to add pictures to their flashcards on quizlet #atchat
  104. @KarenJan #Atchat Have you used AppWriter? If so, what do you think?
  105. @katonley No… but I use their dictionary all the time.. tell me more! #atchat
  106. @donjohnstoninc – any hope for a CoWriter app for iOS and/or android devices? #atchat
  107. @bwwojci I find teachers are more willing to work with iPads from an AT perspective instead of computers. seems an easier “sell” #atchat
  108. Does anyone have a sight word app they like to use that goes beyond electronic flashcards? #ATchat
  109. @AnnieWSims haven’t used it lately – found it difficult to use and haven’t returned to it. need intuitive apps. is it easier now? #atchat
  110. @KarenJan I am seeing two camps – those who embrace mobile tech and those who find it too invasive #atchat
  111. @2read4life it’s supposed to provide the same functionality that the site does on mobile devices. Pricy, but it looks powerful.
  112. @LisaAWicks I use wifi photo transfer – free, but only goes from device to computer (all I need). Photo Transfer App has reviews. #atchat
  113. @Teach_Levinson have you seen PhotoTouch Sight Words? Dolch words and can add own lists. free #atchat
  114. @KarenJan #atchat I was really impressed with OCR scanning part of the app. The documents scanned without any…
  115. @KarenJan Just talked with a district trying to decide whether to upgrade laptops or go with ipads for everyone. #atchat
  116. @KarenJan – teachers feeling that tech is driving the curriculum and not the reverse… #atchat
  117. Is anyone using the LAMP Words for Life App as an AAC option? We are considering it for a student. #atchat
  118. @KarenJan #atchat I have not. How has your scanning experience been with this app?
  119. #ATChat @bwwojci @karenjan Unless you are @InspirationSW ,which has done a great job embracing both & creating tech that is cross platform!
  120. @KarenJan Agreed. It was nice to see all learners in the discussion, though. #atchat
  121. @Teach_Levinson Sight Word app by Teacher Created materials lets kids write the word and copy it #atchat
  122. @KarenJan @katonley I agree. Look to provide both depending on needs. Focus on curriculum and materials not the type of device! #atchat

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